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Friday, 21 May 2010


Book: “e” by Matt Beaumont, a novel which consists entirely of emails sent by the staff of one advertising office in London. Read it twice a year. Still laugh.

Cheese: Fromage D'affinois, a French double-cream soft cheese made from cow's milk. This has more fat than Roseanne. It would be more slimming if you ate Santa for breakfast with a side of Miss Piggy. Who cares. Eat away!

Wine: Astrolabe Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (white) Taylor’s Promised Land Cabernet Merlot (red). Now these are not expensive continental wines. They are readily accessible at your local Dan's or BWS. Which is why I love them. I get to drink good wine, and I can have three for the price of one. Sounds fair to me.

Suburb: New Farm, Brisbane, Queensland. Enough said.

Shoes: Urban Soul. Perhaps not my ultimately favourite shoe designer, but there are a few styles at the top that cause me to pivot on my stiletto heel. Don't mind a bit of Nine West, or a good Sachi. It's the heel that counts.

Nails: Scratchers Nail Studio, Queen Street Mall, Brisbane. Owner Jo May started doing my nails when she was a young thing working in Myer Beauty Salon circa 1994. She now has this juggernaut beauty business that does nails, toes, facials, waxing and spray tans, to name a few things. No she hasn't seen me nude. But one of her staff has. Let's not go there.

Person: Jade Elizabeth McClain (thank goodness I only had the one child, no room for competition here)

Musician: John Peter Farnham, forgive me, but it has been a 25 year love affair. Look, I know he's not everyone's cup of Bex and a good lie down - you think I don't read tabloids? But he's a fun Aussie bloke, good for a laugh, and sings ok as well. John, you have my vote honey.

Colour: Pink (like Barbie). No more words needed.

Restaurant: Pane e Vino, Albert Street, Brisbane (real Italian, made by Mamma)Found this foodie gemstone circa 1996 and have never left. My colleagues refer to it as my regional office. Owners Tony and Gino are on a first-name basis. Maybe because they're good St Laurance's boys, or they prepare the most exquisite Italian food in Brisbane, or that they are heartbreakingly good looking... If you need a place to sit, chill and eat without being hassled, get yourself there.

1 comment:

  1. Love it!

    I introduced you to 'E: A Novel', you introduced me to Pane e Vino.

    Many a laugh has been had over both. Quid pro quo!