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Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Everyone knows how to use a pen. Even your grandmother

Most people can pay for a pen with cash

It is common to own more than one pen

You don’t get fired if you steal a pen from work

It’s not a big deal if someone borrows your pen and doesn't bring it straight back

And if someone borrows your pen and loses it, it’s usually not a big deal either

Your pen can be active or switched on for longer than 10 hours

Your pen will still work, even if you have left it alone for one month

If, by chance, your pen does run out, you can buy a new one, for as little as $1.00

You don’t need to wait for your new pen to charge up before you can use it

The pen automatically knows you’re from Australia so it won’t omit the “U” from words like “humour” and “colour”

You don’t need to secure or password-lock your pen when you leave it on your desk or in your car

A pen doesn’t make a harsh beeping noise when you spell a word incorrectly

You don’t need to pack a special adapter for your pen when you travel overseas

It is not often that you have to put up with people boasting about having a pen

People don’t usually bore you by showing off their pen to you

You are allowed to operate a pen while the aeroplane is taking off and landing

A pen doesn’t need to be put into flight mode

When you pen runs out, you usually throw it away

If you look, you’ll probably find a pen in your glove box or under your couch

A pen comes with its own apps, ie. 4-colour combos, cap or click, fine or medium point


  1. Oh, ye olde pen and paper, how I miss thee...

    Very clever Bron!

  2. Thanks TTOC, hope you're having a great weekend!