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Friday, 8 April 2011


I’ve learnt to go to the toilet before leaving to go anywhere because I’ll either have a long walk to my car or get stuck in a traffic jam.

I’ve learnt to proceed with caution through an intersection littered with broken glass.

I’ve learnt that I don’t know a single person who has won a substantial amount of money on a scratch-it – and I know a lot of people.

I’ve learnt that if I preface any request with “Please remember” instead of “Don’t forget”, they usually remember.

I’ve learnt that crying doesn’t always mean I’ll get my own way.

I’ve learnt to take the first vacant carpark I see instead of driving around for another 10 minutes in search of one closer to the door. (Invariably, when I give up that palaver and return to the original vacant spot, it has been taken.)

I’ve learnt that if I say “I think I’ll have one more drink” I don’t need to have one more drink.

I’ve learnt that bad hair days strike without warning yet no one but me seems to realise I’m having one.

I’ve learnt that it is difficult to use a heavy period as a reason to take a sick day when I have a female boss.

I’ve learnt that I will always forget to take my lunch to work on a day when I don’t have the time to go and buy it.

I’ve learnt to take my own supply of tea bags with me when I travel so that I’m guaranteed a decent cuppa.

I’ve learnt that if you hang school uniforms up the minute the dryer finishes, you don’t need to iron them.

I’ve learnt that if I keep my hair long and straight, it only needs cutting twice a year.

I’ve learnt that even though my daughter is an adult, she still needs her mum.

I’ve learnt that I can set my clocks up to 15 minutes fast and I’ll still be late.

I’ve learnt that a slick of lip gloss can make all the difference.

I’ve learnt that when I’m making last minute excuses to get out of diabolically dull function, the same obscure relative cannot die more than twice in the same year.

I’ve learnt that every man I know, from my grandfather down, hides personal items in his underwear drawer.

I’ve learnt that while today’s music may hold my attention for a short while, Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond, Dire Straits and Barbra Streisand are everlasting.

I’ve learnt that I will never regret the extra 10 minutes I spent sitting on my daughter’s bed rubbing her back while she went to sleep.

I’ve learnt that an electric blanket keeps small children in their bed more and my bed less.

I’ve learnt that I really couldn’t care less about the pregnancy stretch marks that adorn my body.

I’ve learnt that no matter how hard I try and convince myself, the McDonald’s breakfast sausage looks more like a rissole than a sausage.

I’ve learnt that I sometimes don’t need more sleep, I just need more time out.

I’ve learnt that people will regularly forget what I said to them, but they will never forget how I made them feel.


  1. So agree!! Have spent the last, just over, 2 years single. Born in the years where the expectation was that you never did that unless you were “unfortunate” not to get a Bloke or had one that moved on in this world or to the next, I spent years living with a series of them. Yeah got married 3 times and had a long term 4th. When anyone says they've been married for 20 years I say I have been too - just to a series of different people!! I was always the leaver. Then I woke up and realised that honestly I am truly happier, and clearly for a Bloke’s sake, better on my own. Wierd. I love my single life. My children, grand children, work, massive group of wonderful friends - and my shoe collection!! Occasionally there's a "visitor" to my home but frankly love it that they visit and leave. I can't be bothered with the "What's for dinner Love?" "What time will you be finished work/be home?" What - more shoes?" etc etc. I get up early, stay up late with no one to ask why. I go out with no one to ask why and where. Don't hate men - just can't be bothered with the trappings of a full on, live in relationship. I have arrived in my own space and am perfectly comfortable with being me. Can relate to the food thing. Dinner can be yoghurt and fruit or a plate of eclectic yummy nibbly things or a microwaved box of Indian Surprise or just go out!! Occasionally I buy vegetables and constantly they turn into a science experiment in the vege crisper - actually what's with that title?? More accurately is a vege sogger.
    I see happy couples but see more unhappy, discontented men and women trapped in something they are sick of being in and too scared to get out of. At the end of the day if it doesn't make you joyous - don't do it. Simply having a partner does not validate you, make you worthy or give you self esteem. Learn to do that by yourself, with yourself first then, if the Universe so decrees, add a partner to your life as a positive adjunct - not to fill a gap in your personality.
    Well that's my idea of it any way.

  2. Hello Bron,

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your post; and that I could relate to the part when you Mentioned that the extra time that we spend with our children will not be regretted. I know that my day usually is hectic with a million things to do but I love being productive. So at the end of the day, when everything is said and done, I am happy. However, it pales in comparison to those precious moments when I am putting my children to sleep. I love to hear them recap their day, say their prayers and then just watching them. I love holding their little hands, feeling their breath against my skin and watching their eyes begin to flutter. Before, I know it they're asleep and I'm in love with them all over again. Everyday, the love that I have grows bigger and deeper. And even though they might have tested my patience and drove me up the wall earlier that day, at that point in time, in that moment, I want more. I am ready for them and whatever they might bring the next day.


    Adelaide Devereaux

  3. Dear Adelaide, thank you for taking the time to write such a heartfelt comment. Bron xx