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Thursday, 29 April 2010


If I had a pair of shoes for every pair of shoes I've bought I would overtake Danielle Steele. If I was to cook all the food in every one of the recipe books I own, I'd be cooking and eating for 417 years and 85 days. If I paid off my credit cards in one go, Westpac would go bankrupt through loss of interest payments.

For four years, I wrote the popular column "What Women Think" for Babes in Business and Brisbane Times, and after missing in action for a year, I have resurfaced with my very own blog. Welcome to "What Women Think", where all things that women think are discussed, often ad infinitum, but never ad nauseam. Check out some of my old posts on the Babes website, or just hang around here for a while and read the new ones I will be writing.

Oh, this is me, facing a daily conundrum: eat or drink wine? Clearly, I decided to do both...

Not content with just blogging, I've added a few fun pages - clever sayings, odd things I've seen during the day, and some of my favourite recipes. Not to mention pictures of shoes I either own or aspire to own.

To my old readers, I say a big hello and a big apology for leaving you for so long. And thank you for continuing to ask me "where's your column Bron?" To my new readers, I say welcome and hope that you stay a while to have some fun, and get your friends to join in.

So, let's get this gig on the road!


  1. Hello Bron!

    A big hello, and welcome back! You will be right at home in the wonderful world of blogging.

    Look forward to hearing more of what you think!


  2. Great blog realy enjoyed reading it!

    tessajetson dot com dot au